The Deal with Dismantling: OARA’s latest training session covers the keys to the post-buy process

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— Last week’s OARA virtual training session, led once again by the gang from Profit Team Consulting took a turn to a more glossed-over segment of auto recycling training⁠—what happens after the sale and the nitty-gritty of the dismantling process.

“We always want to talk about sales,” Lee Worman of Profit Team Consulting sighed to the audience of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association’s (OARA) May 20 training session. “Sales is but one component of our business.”

“Dismantling, no doubt, runs the whole thing,” he said.

Worman said a quality dismantle can be easily measured.

“Expectations need to be clear⁠—that’s the key,” he said. “In our business, we didn’t let our cars leave the bay until that checklist is complete. I expect that to be met with every car.”

Consistency is another crucial element, in both vehicle throughput and finished products. For instance, pushing 13 cars through the bay one week and six the next is “not healthy,” cautioned Worman.

“The way to keep consistent and meet your expectations is tracking it. If we miss our goals one week, that’s fine, but it carries over to our next week. We have to keep tracking that so, by the next quarter, I’m where I expected to be regardless of all the hiccups we encounter.”

If all else fails, the Profit Team Consulting trio says a hearty list of must-follow rules could also do the trick.

“If people won’t do what’s expected, they do what’s inspected,” said Rob Rainwater.

While every recycler’s dismantling process varies a tad, there’s one element that should never be overlooked. 

“You should never tolerate a lack of quality in dismantling,” said Worman.


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