The Cat’s out of the Bag: New scrap metal legislation takes aim at catalytic converter theft in Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba — New regulations have been enacted by the Manitoba government to combat increases in catalytic converter theft throughout the province.

These new rules were put into place Monday and contain strict guidelines for record-keeping of transactions regarding scrap metal sales.

Recyclers who buy scrap metal are now required to detail every transaction involving scrap metal. Buyers must keep these records for two years, and provide these records to police when requested.

The Scrap Metal Act (Bill 9) was initially introduced in December 2021. The act was enacted due to, in part, a 450 percent increase in catalytic converter theft between 2022 and 2021.

The new rules apply to any items made of aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, lead, steel, stainless steel, tin or a prescribed metal or alloy.

“With everything, there is a balance. There is more of an onus placed on the scrap dealers … but it is with that in mind of ensuring that the public also has their goods protected,” said Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen.

Those wanting to sell items containing precious metals will need to provide recyclers with a government ID, a description of the items, details on item acquisition, and a photo of their face.

The transaction will be disallowed unless all of that information is given. The transaction records also must include the value of the metals and a license plate number from the seller’s vehicle.

The laws also forbid cash transactions over $50.


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