Reducing the risks of used EV battery fires By/par Joseph Chung Joseph Chung leads the Account Management team at Call2Recycle Canada. With 26 years of account management experience, he is responsible for all account partner programs to improve awareness and access to end-of-life battery recycling. Joseph leads Call2Recycle Canada’s eMobility and EV battery recycling activity, […]

Battery Backup: Cell Guard sensor can monitor EV battery health, CEO says

London, United Kingdom — A new sensor developed Metis Engineering aims to play doctor for your electric vehicle, with the aim of saving innocent battery lives from a premature trip to the recycling yard. The new Cell Guard sensor from the British company is designed as a tool for insurers to be able to accurately […]

Return to Sender: Ford partners with Everledger to launch EV battery passport program

Toronto, Ontario — Digital tech start-up Everledger has signed onto a partnership with Ford to launch an electric vehicle battery passport program that aims to track and reclaim the batteries of the OEM’s end-of-life EVs for recycling. Everledger’s platform uses several forms of AI and blockchain technology to track batteries throughout their lifecycle, and thanks […]

ICE-d Out: Nissan to end ICE development in all markets but U.S.

Toronto, Ontario — Nissan and the internal combustion engine have officially parted ways, making the brand the first Japanese automaker to announce a full stop to the development of ICE technology in every market but the U.S. Though the company has already ended gas engine sales in Europe, it will carry on the limited development […]