Team with Tandem: Repurposing plastics with Tandem Recycling

Montreal, Quebec — If you have automotive plastics you don’t know what you do with—give Tandem Recycling a call. Tandem Recycling collects end-of-life automotive plastics for recycling, where the company then turns it into remanufactured plastic resin. Remanufactured plastic resin can be used in injection molded products like auto parts, industrial components, pallets, tank containers, […]

All For Olives: Ford working on using discarded olive tree waste to produce car parts

Toronto, Ontario — Ford Motor Co. is continuing to work on using discarded olive tree waste and bio composites to produce car parts and reduce plastic waste. According to the automaker, the waste used includes olive tree branches, twigs and leaves in a process that blends these organic materials with bio composites and then molds […]

Magnetizing Manufacturing: Cyclic Materials launches pilot plant for recycling magnet materials from electric motors

Kingston, Ontario — Cyclic Materials has recently launched a pilot plant in Kingston, Ont., aimed at recycling magnet materials from end-of-life products. The pilot plant project is specifically employing Cyclic’s proprietary technology, Mag-Xtract, which separates rare earth elements in permanent magnets from end-of-life products and parts such as traction electric motors. According to Cyclic Materials, […]

Recycling Revelations: New York Times report reveals reality of catalytic converter thefts

Toronto, Ontario — In a recent report by Walt Bogdanich, Isak Hüllert and Eli Tan, featured in The New York Times, the reality of catalytic converter theft and recycling has been put into greater perspective. An examination of business records, social media posts and official interviews reveals that stolen catalytic converters pass through middlemen, smelters […]

Bring on the Batteries: ARC hosts educational EV/hybrid webinar, provides vast overlook of end-of-life batteries and recyclers’ place in supply chain

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— Last Thursday, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) hosted a virtual session on Canadian Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Auto Recycling, featuring compelling conversations from industry leaders like Joanna Kyriazis of Clean Energy Canada; Kunal Phalpher of Li-Cycle; Jeff Haltrecht of Call2Recycle and Hans Eric Melin of Circular Energy Storage. The four-and-a-half-hour event […]

In Memoriam: Jack Isaac Cohen of Jasper Auto Parts

Jack Cohen (right) with Colin McKean, Executive Director of the BC Environmental Association.

By Ian Hope Edmonton, Alberta — September 13, 2017 — Alberta has lost an industry icon with the passing of Jack Cohen, better known as “Jasper Jack.” He passed away on September 4, 2017 surrounded by his family which included his wife of 52 years, Marilyn, and his children Max, Cherie and Dave. It’s hard […]