Stepping-Up Shipping Standards: URG, ARA and Team PRP release Industry Standards for Part Preparation and Shipping guide

Toronto, Ontario — The United Recyclers Group (URG), Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) and Team PRP have published a uniform set of standards for parts preparation and shipping for the professional automotive recycling industry.

The guide is the result of a collaborative effort between the three organizations, and the three groups will now promote the standards throughout industry conferences, training and organizational resources, claims a recent press release.

The standards were modelled on guidelines initially developed by PRP-Northeast and that were more recently adopted by Team PRP’s network of 300 automotive recyclers.

The guide specifically offers inspection, preparation, cleaning, tagging and identification and shipping instructions for 13 different automotive parts such as engines, body panels, drive shafts, among others.

In response to the collaboration, ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock commented that “we are excited to offer this resource to automotive recyclers worldwide. Backed by all three organizations, this effort also incorporated input from the automotive recycling community at-large, and we are encouraged by the positive feedback we have received so far from the industry.”

Similarly, Kristi Werner, CEO, United Recyclers Group further noted that “with one voice, we are publishing this document in the spirit of a shared commitment to excellence, working side by side to drive positive change and advancement within our industry.”

To see the full guide, click here.


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