SST announces Autoshear hydraulic cat cutter


Milton, Ontario — November 5, 2013 — During the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association’s (OARA) “Cat Drive” in support of the organization’s Employee Scholarship program, Mike McNeice of SST would like to remind all the generous donors that there is a special tool available from his company, specifically for removing catalytic converters. The Cat Drive runs until the OARA Convention and Trade Show, taking place March 28 to 30 at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel.

“The Autoshear hydraulic catalytic converter cutter makes short work of even the toughest saw-blade-eating stainless steel pipe it can put its hook around,” says McNeice. “This is not a converted rescue tool, but a machine designed and built for the purpose of quickly removing valuable catalytic converters. The design helps to eliminate blade splaying damage, which we see occurring scissor type cutters.”

The Autoshear is produced by the U.K. firm Autodrain. The unit is a dolly mounted electro-hydraulic machine featuring a single blade ram. The company says the triangular blade is easily sharpened with a quick pass from a small angle grinder, with removal not necessary. The unit is powered by any 12volt car battery, increasing the units portability, as the operator is not tethered to a wall.

Looking at ergonomics, the L-shaped hook allows you to “hang” the cutter head off the exhaust while in use. McNeice says that although the cutter head only weighs 9 kg, this is a very desirable feature, as it provides a great deal of upper body relief for the operator.

“The Autoshear has been rigorously tested in many yards across Europe,” says McNeice. “The return on investment comes quickly, both from converter sales and savings in saw blades.”

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