Spring Training: OARA unveils Spring Webinar Training Series lineup

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) has unveiled its lineup of webinars featuring new products and business opportunities, set to kick off on May 4.

The first hour-long session will be hosted by J.C. Cahill, owner of VIN Match Pro, a company that aids recyclers in sourcing and matching OEM parts.

JC Cahill is the former Owner/GM at New England Auto & Truck Recyclers (NEATR) and the OARA Convention headliner in 2018. He is a new consultant within Profit Team Consulting, the owner of VIN Match Pro, and developing his auto recycling mentoring connections.

VINMatchPro decodes for over 80 percent of makes and models to help simplify the sales process and get critical data into auto recyclers’ hands earlier in the sales discussion with customers–opening the door for more sales opportunities and a level playing field with other part segments.

VINMatchPro has sourced OE Build Data and adds new data sources regularly to expand its coverage. For brands without OE Build Data, VINMatchPRO offers AI-enhanced VIN decoding that is far more comprehensive than any other options available. You can also compare two VINs and immediately see which components match and which components do not match.

VINMatchPRO also provides a robust Mileage History for any car using the VIN or License plate–coming soon to Canada. Their mileage history tool uses to repair and service data as well as registration data to give you the full picture of a vehicle’s mileage history.

On May 18, the co-founder of Car-Part.com, Roger Schroder will give a demonstration of the Car-Part Interchange Plus Inventory for Powerlink and Pinnacle.

The first of June will feature a session with Chad Counselman, co-founder of the Einstein Pricing Tool. Counselman will demonstrate how his company’s software can automatically adjust part prices for variables like age, close-ratio, sales volume, sales velocity, year of fitment, miles, and grade.

To close out the two-month webinar series on June 15, Chris Atencio and Alex Bechstein, director of sales and director of market development for EZ Suite respectively, will lead a virtual audience through a demonstration of the EZ-QC order fulfillment software.

Every session is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. EST, and sessions are free for members of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC).

Contact ARC director Steve Fletcher for information on how to attend the sessions.


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