ARC sends relief to Japanese recyclers

London Ontario — May 2 2011 — The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) recently sent $10000 in relief to their colleagues in the Japanese Auto Recycling Association (JARA) in an effort to support the auto recycling industry deal with the tragic remnants of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last month.

“We made a lot of friendships and connections at the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling in Quebec City last year and once we heard that JARA members were suffering and having to perform a service for their country by beginning to help clean up the damaged cars that are everywhere – it was easy to give” said ARC Managing Director Steve Fletcher. “One recycler’s business was wiped out but he is still out there every day helping to move severely damaged vehicles. He has picked up over 1000 vehicles but there are estimated to almost 150000 vehicles in his prefecture that need to be responsibly retired. It’s is almost overwhelming.”

The money will be used for humanitarian relief of JARA Members and their families. The association is attempting to keep the world informed about their efforts and provide an inside view of the carnage with a regularly updated blog.

“On behalf of the JARA directors I really thank you again and please give our best regards to all. I will report to you what we have done with your generous gift after we provide your funding to recyclers and others” replied Shigeru Temmyo JARA Chairman.


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