Ontario Tire Industry Rolls Out Recycling Program

TORONTO ON — September 7 2009 — A new tire recycling program rolling out in Ontario will bring new life to the millions of used tires that come off vehicles in the province every year by responsibly recycling them into useful products creating investment and new green jobs driving innovation. The Used Tires Program is being funded by the tire industry and managed by Ontario Tire Stewardship.

Through a network of Registered Collectors — which includes retailers municipalities and other drop-off points across the province — the program will allow Ontarians to drop off up to four used tires per person at no charge to be collected and recycled. Tracking systems will help eliminate the illegal dumping of scrap tires and ensure that used tires are managed by service providers that have adopted best environmental practices.

“Ontario’s Used Tires Program marks the most ambitious used tire program in the country” said Andrew Horsman Executive Director of Ontario Tire Stewardship. “The Program will remove tire stockpiles recycle tires into household commercial and automotive products and create green jobs and economic benefits right here in our province.”

The Used Tires Program includes a three-year plan to eliminate the approximately 2.8 million stockpiled tires in dumpsites across Ontario as well as ensure that the approximately 11 million plus scrap tires generated annually are diverted from burning and land filling to other uses such as rubber mats playground products hockey rinks and automotive parts adding to the everyday life and economy of Ontario’s communities. Until now approximately 50 percent of Ontario’s used tires were trucked into the US to be burned.

How the Used Tires Program benefits Ontario and its residents

Environmental Benefits:
·Responsible management of used tires will eliminate the unauthorized disposal of scrap tires and promote reusing tires and recycling of scrap tires into green products.

Economic Growth:
·The Used Tires Program will create jobs and ensure economic growth by injecting over $23 million in scrap tire recycling in the first year alone.

Health and Safety:
·Ontario Tire Stewardship will clear stockpiles protecting both Ontarians and the environment.

·Funding for research and development of scrap tire management options to create new processes and markets for recycled rubber products within the province.

The Used Tires Program is funded by tire brand owners and tire importers not the taxpayer.  The program funding covers the costs associated with collecting and recycling all future and currently stockpiled scrap tires in Ontario as well as research and development and consumer education.


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