Allianz Pushes Forward with First UK-Wide Recycled Parts Program

January 3 – London UK – Allianz Insurance said it will be the first to offer recycled parts for collision repair across the United Kingdom. The company recently announced the decision to push ahead with a program they piloted with a small number of repairers and distributors in Northern England.

Allianz says policyholders that took part in the pilot gave positive feedback saying they were not only pleased to use parts that would otherwise have been disposed of but in many cases the use of recycled green parts meant that their vehicle was not a total loss.

Allianz is touting the plan as an opportunity for drivers to reduce their carbon-footprint by having recycled green parts fitted to their vehicles by Allianz’s nationwide network of approved repairers. In addition Allianz says that on a £1000 claim an average of £240 can be saved by using recycled parts.

During the initial pilot test of the program policyholders who own vehicles of five years and older were invited to consider the use of recycled green parts to repair their vehicles. The test initially included seven approved repairers and one distributor. Customers chose recycled parts 25 percent of the time rising to 80 percent when a total loss could be avoided. In May of 2007 the pilot was extended to five distributors and the five-year vehicle age limit was removed. The test revealed a 40 percent acceptance of recycled parts.

Allianz said it aims to offer the program through 185 approved repairers and 15 distributors by the end of the first quarter of 2008.

The initiative has received support from the British Vehicle Salvage Federation (BVSF) which represents the UK vehicle salvage industry.


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