IARC heading back to Budapest for 2012 event

Budapest, Hungary — August 22, 2011 — Some initial information on the 12th annual International Automobile Recycling Congress (IARC) has been released. For the second time in IARC’s history, next year’s event will be held in Budapest on March 21-23.

According to the IARC website, potential topics and ideas for discussion are:

· Illegal export of wrecks from Europe and North America into Africa and Asia. Why don’t the authorities make any action against this? Why is there a total lack of law enforcement?
· China is seeking 5 million used cars outside China for recycling in new shredding and dismantling plants. What are the consequences of the shredders and dismantlers
in Europe?
· Do traders kill the local car recycling businesses?
· Does size of recycling companies matter? (car, steel, aluminum etc.)
· Why don’t car manufacturing companies take over the recycling chain? (like the Chinese computer manufacturers do?
· Eco design is nice for researchers, but the design is solely driven by the consumer…
· Are there enough (cheap) metals for all the upcoming EVs?

More information on presenters and speakers will be available in November, according to the IARC website.


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