OTS recycles its 25 millionth tire

Toronto, Ontario — August 9, 2011 — The Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) has announced the recycling of the 25 millionth scrap tire in the province of Ontario since the program’s inception.  This brings OTS even closer to their ultimate goal of recycling 100 per cent of all tires in Ontario, says the organization.

Before the launch of the Used Tires Program, millions of tires were illegally dumped throughout the province and thrown into landfills. In addition, many were shipped out of Ontario where they were used for fuel. Since the launch of the program in 2009, over 125,000 tonnes of tires have been recycled in Ontario and made into a range of innovative tire derived products, according to OTS.

“OTS has made it a priority to invest in a more sustainable Ontario, and we’ve had great success in reducing tire waste across the province,” said Executive Director Andrew Horsman. “We have reached the 25 millionth tire far ahead of schedule. This milestone is a great coup for our dedicated staff, stakeholders and communities across Ontario, and it is a great indicator of our future success.”

OTS says it has significantly reduced tire waste in Ontario and fostered positive change in the province’s tire recycling industry, creating opportunities for new and existing Ontario-based businesses and giving Ontario’s economy an overall boost. The first year of the program alone saw a $23 million investment in the Ontario tire recycling industry, says OTS.

Of the announcement, the Honourable John Wilkinson, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment, said, “I want to congratulate Ontario Tire Stewardship on this significant milestone. I commend them for the environmental progress they have achieved through this successful program. Diverting tires from landfills not only helps the environment it also creates new jobs for Ontarians.”

In order to launch the program successfully, a variety of stakeholders were brought together including tire retailers, haulers, processors, collectors and recycled product manufacturers. Emterra Tire Recycling is one of these valued stakeholders.

“As an OTS registered hauler and processor of used tires, Emterra is proud of our role in reducing tire waste and contributing to a greener Ontario. Our innovative tire processing technology ensures that 100 per cent of the tires we process are recycled,” said Emterra Founder and CEO Emmie Leung.

A new video portraying the life cycle of a tire was launched today to demonstrate what happens to tires once they reach the end of their serviceable life. It shows tires being worked into new products including rubber mulch for landscaping and playground surfaces, rubber pavers for walkways, roof shingles and athletic surfacing, among others.



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