OARA donates $150000 to the Sunshine Foundation

Thornhill Ontario–December 13 2010–The Ontario Auto Recycling Association (OARA) has upped it’s donation to the Sunshine Foundation to $150000.

The funding will go to support the foundation’s 50th DreamLift scheduled for 2011.

A Sunshine DreamLift transports a plane full of children to a special destination (like Disneyland) and back. For many of the children a Dreamlift is more than just fun—it is their first chance to taste independence and experience the adventure of a first plane ride or a first day away from mom and dad.

The children all of whom are challenged by a severe physical disability or life-threatening illness are accompanied by medical staff and volunteer “buddies.” For donors and volunteers a DreamLift offers a special way to see months and months of hard work and planning realized in the joyful faces of dozens of children.

For information on giving to the foundation visit Sunshine.ca.


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