Retire Your Ride celebrates Clean Air Day at North Queen Auto Parts

Etobicoke Ontario–June 7 2010–North Queen Auto Parts hosted an event with the folks at Retire Your Ride last week to celebrate Clean Air Day.

On the agenda: crushing a car.

It wasn’t just for fun though—it was a way to teach people the ins and outs of properly recycling a vehicle including tracking it with the Retire Your Ride program’s code of conduct.

The day was also a good way for the Retire Your Ride program to spread the word about lowering your car’s impact on the environment.

“A big part our message that we’re trying to get out to Canadians about is that a car which is from 1995 or older pollutes an average 19 times more than one from 2004 or newer” said Retire Your Ride’s Carla Kearns.

“That’s difficult for some people to accept honestly. People think that if an older car is maintained well and doesn’t look like it’s polluting it’s fine. …But in fact it’s just really the age of the car that determines how much it pollutes—even though it’s well maintained even though it doesn’t look like it’s not putting out a lot of smog it still pollutes at this level: 19 times more than a newer model car.”


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