CARSTAR announces new sustainability plan

Hamilton, Ontario — August 15, 2011 — CARSTAR Collision Centres has announced its new sustainability plan, which details its social, environmental and economic initiatives in the Canadian collision repair industry. “I am extremely pleased to announce this new and exciting development for CARSTAR,” said Sam Mercanti, CEO & president at CARSTAR Automotive Canada. “Our company, including our franchise partners, has always had a strong commitment to giving back to the community, but today marks the start of our vision to become the leader in sustainability in our industry and in the communities we service. Our three pillars of sustainability, ‘give, green and growth,’ will be leading indicators of long-term success for our franchise locations.”   
CARSTAR’s sustainability plan was prepared with the help of the Delphi Group, a supplier specializing in the areas of climate change and corporate sustainability, according to the company.  CARSTAR’s key stakeholders were also involved in the process to ensure that all business needs were met.  The plan outlines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the areas of give, green and growth to ensure the company is on target with their environmental goals, says CARSTAR.  
The Green portion of CARSTAR’s sustainability plan includes network-wide goals for franchise partners to meet or exceed standards set by legislation.  This includes minimizing the environmental footprint and optimizing resource efficiencies, especially energy, water and recycled parts.  Several other key environmental initiatives will be rolled out through the plan to ensure the company is leading the way in environmental sustainability, according to CARSTAR.
CARSTAR says its Give section focuses on social goals including participation in community initiatives, a commitment to continue raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis Canada and expanding stakeholder and employee engagement.
“Employee development throughout our franchise network is a significant part of our sustainability plan,” said Dennis Concordia, vice president of human resources at CARSTAR.  “We have developed company goals in employee engagement, performance reviews and training and health and safety, with the ultimate goal of becoming an ‘employer of choice.’”
The final segment of CARSTAR’s sustainability plan is Growth, which focuses on ensuring that the company and their franchise partners are focused on customer retention, revenue growth and consistent investment in exploration and improvement programs, says CARSTAR.
“Taking a leadership position in this area seemed natural for our company,” adds Lisa Mercanti-Ladd, assistant vice president of marketing and client services. “It’s very important to us, our customers and insurance partners. The companies and the people that deeply care about sustainable development will begin to see the short and long-term benefits of their efforts.  We’re confident that the rewards will go well beyond the bottom line.”
When franchise partners meet certain KPIs within CARSTAR’s Tiered Performance Program, they will be recognized as part of CARSTAR’s Give, Green and Growth Guarantee.  Being awarded with this guarantee will announce to consumers and suppliers that the store has implemented environmental practices, gives back to their community and are reinvesting in both their business and their employees, according to CARSTAR.  
“Ensuring our franchise partners are running sustainable businesses has always been an important element that we look for when choosing who we will partner with,” said Michael Macaluso, director of quality systems.  “But now we have established sustainability KPIs so that we can measure these results and ensure all of our locations are best-in-class.”


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