International forum on Asian auto recycling standards announced

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — August 2, 2011 — The Malaysian Automotive Recyclers Association (MAARA), in partnership with auto recycling associations from Japan, China, Korea, and Australia, has announced the fourth Asia Automotive Environmental Forum to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Nov. 10-12. The forum is entitled, “Auto Recycling Industry Standards: Safety, environment & quality.”

MAARA President Gwee Bok Wee, via an online letter, says the forum aims to enhance the basic principles which have already been adopted by the affiliated automotive recyclers associations by setting a standard requirement on the safety, environmental and quality aspects of recycled parts and to take positive measures to tackle the global warming issues so as to make the recycling industry sustainable.

Bok Wee adds, “Some scholars with great renown and distinguished guests will be invited by us as speakers during the aforesaid 4th AAE Forum to provide their professional views on the recycling industry based on their research and past experience before the representatives are given the opportunities to express their opinion.” He says Malaysian governmental officials will also be invited to share their perspectives.

To find out more about the AAE Forum, visit the MAARA website at


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