OTS Tire Amnesty nets 32000 tires in one weekend

Province-wide collection events divert mountain of tires from landfill and burning

Toronto Ontario–July 14 2010–The phrase “burnin’ rubber” is 32000 tires closer to extinction following a recent weekend recycling blitz organized by Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) and the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA).

The tires which would be taller than 12 CN Towers if stacked one on top of another were dropped off by thousands of Ontarians at 70 OARA member locations around the province. Before Ontario’s Used Tires Program came into effect in September 2009 scrap tires were routinely burned for fuel in cement kilns illegally dumped or added to growing stockpiles around the province.

As part of the recycling blitz OARA and its members along with registered tire hauler Liberty Tire Recycling Canada contributed over $64000 to the Sunshine Foundation of Canada–an amount driven by the number of tires turned in by Ontarians over the weekend. The charity makes dreams can now become realities for children with severe disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.

“Events like this allow Ontario residents to recycle items that cannot simply be put in a blue bin” said Evan Miller of Miller’s Auto Recycling in Fort Erie Ontario the OARA member who recovered the most tires. “We’re delighted to have helped thousands of Ontarians do their part for the environment and in doing so help a great charity.”

Andrew Horsman executive director of Ontario Tire Stewardship was similarly thrilled with the event’s results. “The success of this initiative demonstrates that Ontarians are ready and willing to make responsible choices for the environment and given the right opportunities they do” Horsman said. “Ontario’s Used Tires Program and collection events such as these are advancing the effectiveness and reach of scrap tire recycling and processing and ultimately creating green jobs and innovative new products right here in our own province.”

Ontario’s Used Tires Program tracks and manages how the approximately 12 million tires sold in Ontario every year are handled once they reach the end of their service life diverting them from burning and landfill to processors that responsibly recycle the materials into other products such as carpet underlay. The program also has a mandate to remove existing scrap tire stockpiles around the province.

Prior to the launch of the Used Tires Program Ontario residents were required to pay a fee to collectors to drop off used their tires often resulting in stockpiling or illegal dumping. With the launch of the program Ontarians can now drop off up to four used tires each for free at hundreds of registered collectors located around the province whereupon they are responsibly recycled by approved processors.

Visit OntarioTS.com for details on registered collectors across the province.


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