UK companies receive grant to research auto battery recycling

London, United Kingdom — July 18, 2011 — Six British companies have received a grant by the UK governmental innovation fund to conduct feasibility studies into the recycling and re-use of batteries for low and ultra low carbon vehicles. Six companies – Axeon, Energy Cost Advisors, LiFeBATT, Narec, OXIS Energy and TRL – will share nearly £500,000. TRL will conduct two studies while the remaining five companies will conduct one study each. 

The funding awards follow the companies’ success in the ‘Batteries for Low and Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles: Recycling and Re-use’ funding competition, which was developed by the Technology Strategy Board.

Andrew Everett, Head of Transport at the Technology Strategy Board, said, “The aim of the feasibility studies is to draw out innovative, market-focussed UK research which has the potential to increase valuable battery life and enable cost- effective recycling, address concerns around the sustainable use and recovery of raw materials within automotive batteries and contribute to the development in the UK of an automotive battery recycling industry.”

Each of the feasibility studies will address one of the following areas:

• Research that explores potential processes for the cost-effective recycling of batteries for the propulsion of low and ultra low carbon vehicles, including detailed process flow and identification of the value of recovered elements.

• Research that explores the potential development of commercial opportunities from the re-use of batteries after their primary use in low and ultra low carbon vehicles, including demonstrating energy remaining at various stages and its suitability and market demand for re-use

Including contributions from the participating companies, the total cost of the studies is just over £670,000. The studies are likely to start in September 2011 and should be completed within 12 months.


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