Auto Recyclers Donate to the William Osler Health Centre Foundation

LONDON ON — April 17 2009 — The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) presented William Osler Health Centre Foundation with a cheque for $10956 on Thursday the first donation issued as part of it’s Celebration of Auto Recycling campaign. Members of the association have agreed to pay an extra $20 per vehicle they acquire through the Retire Your Ride vehicle recycling program with those proceeds going to a wide variety of charities throughout the province.

Retire Your Ride is an initiative of The Government of Canada Clean Air Foundation and its partners designed to enable people to get their high-polluting cars off the road and reward them for doing so. The program is committed to improving air quality by responsibly recycling vehicles and aims to retire at least 50000 vehicles per year until March 31 2011. OARA operates the call centre for the program in Ontario and has been instrumental in establishing the auto recyclers Code of Practice being implemented to support the program by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada.
“I chose the Foundation because of its close ties with the community” said Don Fraser President of AADCO Auto Parts in Brampton. “AADCO has been doing business in the Brampton area since 1999 and working with a great association like OARA and a program like Retire Your Ride has given us the opportunity to give something back to the community.”

Anne Randell President & CEO William Osler Health Centre Foundation states “I believe that the O.A.R.A. is commendable not only on a provincial level but certainly on a community level for the kind of goodwill and social responsibility that this gift to Brampton Civic Hospital represents.”


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