ARAAC makes Code of Practice a membership requirement

Blandford, Nova Scotia — July 11, 2011 — The Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) has made compliance with the National Code of Practice for Auto Recyclers a requirement for all current and future members. In order to be certified all ARAAC members must be audited. The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) and Environment Canada developed the Code Of Practice to support the national Retire Your Ride program.

“We’re adopting the code because it’s the most stringent rules, policies, regulations in regards to our industry,” said Derek Covey, president of ARAAC. “It brings credibility and professionalism to our association. We like to be at the forefront and this definitely helps us achieve our goal.”

An independent auditor, retained by ARAAC and ARC, visited each of the association’s 27 member companies around the Atlantic Provinces and evaluated their practices against the standardized protocol. Covey says there was unanimous agreement among the association members that being certified should be a membership requirement.

By getting certified, recyclers are saying that every vehicle they handle goes through a methodical process to maximize reclamation and minimize environmental impact. Good reusable parts, batteries, mercury switches, oils, fluids, coolants, gasoline, and refrigerants are all removed and properly managed and the rest is sent for metal recycling.

Covey added that by making certification a requirement, the association has given the public confidence that their end-of-life vehicles are been dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner.  


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