Responsible auto recycling

Auto recyclers have been making a conscious effort in recent years to ensure that decommissioned vehicles are both utilized for their working parts as well as keeping the environment in mind when de-polluting an end-of-life vehicle of all harmful substances.

This includes batteries, tires, fluids, and mercury switches.

CRM spoke with Dominic Vetere of Dom’s Auto Parts on the issue.

“Up until the last few years, there has been little to no guidance or regulation on how to handle the decommissioning of end of life vehicles,” said Vetere.

“Thousands of vehicles come off the road every year in Canada and if they are not dismantled correctly, it poses a serious detriment to the environment. As an auto recycler, we owe it to our community, and the people of Ontario to do our part in decommissioning these vehicles correctly.”

In addition to each recycler doing their part in the effort of ensuring environmental safety, there are a number of programs and associations that can be relied on for support and tips on how to ensure all necessary steps are being taken.

These associations include, the Ontario tire Stewardship, Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association, Automotive Recyclers of Canada, Mercury Switch Out, the Gold Seal Program, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate change to name a few.


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