Representative Shuffle: Dalbert Livingstone to leave the ARA Board of Directors, Natalie Miller to join

Charlottetown, P.E.I. — Auto recyclers from across Canada would like to thank Dalbert Livingstone from Island Auto Supply in Charlottetown PEI for his four-year stint on the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Board of Directors representing Canada.

After numerous conference calls, reports, Conventions, and in-person meetings, Dalbert’s last official duty will be participating in the ARA Board Meeting during the 77th Annual ARA Convention, held virtually this year.

“It’s been an honour to serve ARC as a board member to ARA.,” said Dalbert. “The experience has given me the opportunity to learn from great international leaders in our industry. I have made many contacts along the way and gained respect from my peers for being at the table and bringing back to my own associations what I have learned and helped grow. ARA is a great association, and I am excited to see what Canada’s new board member can bring. I will continue to serve on committees so I can keep informed on what is happening in the industry.”

Dalbert continues as a Board Member of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) association, as a representative from the Atlantic Region.

Island Auto Supply is the largest auto recycler in PEI and has consistently scored in the top five percent of the country with its bi-annual Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC).

“I would like to thank Dalbert for his years of service to this industry,” said Wally Dingman Chairman of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada Board of Directors. “Dalbert has been instrumental in ensuring Canadian recyclers’ views and interests were well represented at the ARA leadership level. Dalbert’s time and dedication to the task are most appreciated. Thank you Dalbert for your willingness to serve on the ARA Board and your continued service on the ARC Board.”

Natalie Miller from Miller’s Auto Recycling in Fort Erie has been nominated to the ARA Board as the Canadian representative, a position she will hold for the next two years. Natalie is also a Board Member of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association and will work closely with ARC to ensure a smooth flow of information and programs between Canada, the USA, and the global auto recycling community.


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