Recycling Required: Dom Vetere says auto recyclers are absolutely essential

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Dom Vetere, owner of Dom’s Auto Parts, says auto recyclers are absolutely an essential service to both the supply chain and the general public⁠ amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The OEM and aftermarket industries are having issues with parts supply⁠,” says Vetere. “As recyclers, we have those parts, and that enables us to supply both the mechanical and the bodyshop sides for repairs.

“I feel it’s important⁠—it’s crucial that people still have the ability to travel, whether it be the medical personnel on the front lines or people simply shopping for their families,” Vetere told Collision Repair.

Last week, Vetere saw a man come into the shop in search of a car battery. The battery in his four-person family’s only vehicle was shot, and he was able to find a solution⁠ quickly by visiting Dom’s. The man replaced the battery⁠—at a cheaper price⁠—and now is secure in knowing he can get his family from point A to point B, if necessary.

Vetere says his facility has locked up its doors to control social distancing and sterilizes the office on a regular basis. It also has a pick-up area on-site and is offering parts delivery service for its customers.

“There will be business for us out there,” says Vetere. “Keep a balanced mindset; think about both sides⁠—revenue and keeping your business running safely⁠—until we get through this.”


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