Recycling Relief: Wholesale Auto Parts Warehouses donates 10,000 N95 face masks to frontline workers

Winchester, Ontario — In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic Trevor Kingsbury of Wholesale Auto Parts Warehouses decided he wanted to step up and help the frontline workers.

Using his overseas contacts, Kingsbury sourced 10,000 hard-to-find N95 masks. With the help of one of his key employees, Penny Cook, as well as his wife and son, Kinsbury found a supplier and started organizing the logistics of getting the masks to Canada.

Once word got out amongst the auto recycling industry, a number of customers stepped up to financially support this project and help with the distribution of the much sought after masks. Some of the donors and supporters include Valley Automotive, Arnprior-Ottawa Auto Parts, Dom’s Auto Parts, Hollywood North Auto Parts, Glencoe Auto Recyclers,, Early’s Auto Parts, Nicklin Auto Parts, Corey Auto Wreckers and Maritime Auto Parts.

The masks were ultimately donated to frontline workers including police, paramedics, fire stations, hospitals, senior living homes, United Way and many more.

“It was a lot of work from staff and family, and I was so pleased that many auto recyclers stepped up and helped out. It reminded me that when we work together we can always accomplish more as a team,” said Kingsbury.


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