Passionately driven

By CAR Staff

David Gold of Standard Auto Wreckers.  

Toronto, Ontario — July 23, 2014 — We’re driven by our passions, and when it comes to auto recycling that love is ever-present with respect to what connects the collision industry: cars.

David Gold, owner of the Standard Auto Wreckers chain and a third generation recycler, says there’s a connective, unspoken and substatitive bond that coheres people around this commonality. As a son himself, he has witnessed first hand the bond that can form between father and son and it’s something intangibly connective.

Media Matters VP Industry Relations Gloria Mann recently visited Gold at Standard Auto Wreckers where she met a father and son named Randy and Rob who have created a mutual pastime, one which no matter the context, where cars are invovled they’re virtually conjoined over their appreciation for the automobile in all its forms. They love driving them, they love working on them, and they love seeing them, old or new, in person. They treasure those moments when they come together to the recycling centre to grab the parts they need to customize their latest project, driven in full by their collective passion for customization.

Mann also met Tony James, whose father was a mechanic in his native Jamaica, who formed a similar bond with his own father. A regular customer of Standard Auto Wreckers’ Toronto recycling facility, he frequently ships parts home to his family. He says there’s a seemingly neverending supply of recycled parts for any project he could want to construct.

She also met another regular of Gold’s named Marcel, so frequent in fact that he even tries to make daily trips. Even more, what he appreciates is being able to partake in an environmentally conscientious movement supported by auto recyclers like Standard Auto Wreckers across the country. He loves that he can get almost any part he needs when he needs it, but more, that he can in no small way contribute to a cleaner greenspace. 

Passion. It’s the running constant in all our stories. It’s what we love to do, thus creating a community of automobile enthusiasts, regardless of background, that simply loves cars.


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