Here’s to more thought-provoking conversations in 2023

By/Article de Gloria Mann

Another year—my favourite time of year—and another issue of Canadian Auto Recyclers. Rejoice!

The year put me back in my element. If you know me, you know I’m a social butterfly! I truly missed connecting with all the hardworking men and women in our industry. I visited some industry friends close to home and was treated to a few in-person visits in 2021, but the best gift of 2022 was getting to see you all again, sharing ideas and celebrating the industry at the big events we all missed so much.

The first meeting to return was the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association’s annual event in March—what a time! It had been three years since we had all gathered for an OARA trade show. The speaker sessions were, as always, highly informative and I walked away with lots to think about.

I was also in Orlando for the Automotive Recyclers Association’s annual convention, where Canadians were well-represented; we were the highest turnout of non-Americans at the conference! We had the Atlantic Canada Association of Automotive Recyclers host their 2022 convention in Truro, Nova Scotia, right after Hurricane Fiona hit the east coast! It just goes to show how dedicated this industry truly is.

Finally, we had the Canadian Association of Recycling Industry’s Consumer Appreciation night in mid-October, where all had a great time networking and socializing after so long apart! There were plenty of other visits along the way—too many to name you all here! If 2022 was any indication, we’re in for some real top-notch events and initiatives this year.

It was a spectacular year, full of spectacular memories we’re all the more grateful for post-pandemic. The ideas exchanged were fresh and modern—you could feel the passion and excitement in the air at every event I attended. I can only imagine what 2023 holds!

There are so many initiatives in this industry to be excited about. You can read all about the latest missions in the pages of this year’s issue. From efforts in plastic recycling information, to industry standards, anniversary celebrations and plenty of advancements—it’s all so thrilling to watch. As always, keep being fantastic. Your hard work as Canadian auto recyclers will never go unrecognized by this magazine.


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