Ontario’s new tire plan

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario – August 23, 2018 – As of next year, tires will be recycled through a new system in Ontario.

Last spring, Glen Murray, the minister of environment and climate change announced that Ontario Tire Stewardship, needs to close it’s Used Tires Program by the end of this year, and to submit a “wind-up” plan. The Electronics and Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste had also received a notice for a wind up plan as well.

Some of the key actions in the wind-up plan include, eliminating the Tire Stewardship Fee for passengers and light truck tires by October 1; as well as, making available OTS’ Treadmarks IT system at no cost to the broader tire sector in Ontario to support competition and innovation in tire collection and recycling.

The new regulation that will come into effect January 1, 2019 means that Ontario is transforming into a circular economy. This sort of system works on “maximizing the value and eliminating the wastes by improving the design of materials, products and business models.”

It will require producers to be responsible for the collection and end of life management of the tires.

Producer Responsibility Organization’s (PRO) will be used to manage the tracking, collection, recycling, and government reporting requirements..

The goal of the new law is to force producers and retailers to take individual responsibility for their products by creating innovative recycling programs.


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