Next generation steps up at ARAAC meeting

Halifax, Nova Scotia — November 20, 2013 — The Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) is more full of youthful vigor than ever at the conclusion of the association’s annual meeting. The meeting took place at Four Points Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Dalbert Livingstone, newly elected President of ARAAC, with his wife Tabitha. The two are co-owners of Island Auto Supply.  
Dalbert Livingstone, newly elected President of ARAAC, with his wife Tabitha. The two are co-owners of Island Auto Supply.   
ARAAC has elected Dalbert Livingstone from Island Auto Supply in Charlottetown, P.E.I., as the association’s new President. Andrew MacDonald of Maritime Auto Parts in Truro, Nova Scotia, will fill the role of Vice President. Steve Fletcher is the Managing Director of Auto Recyclers of Canada (ARC), the national association of which ARAAC forms a part. He also works with the ARAAC board in an administrative capacity. 
“Both of these guys are under 30, and they’re enthusiastic and passionate about both recycling and the association,” he says. “It’s very exciting to have new blood in the association, and it’s something we’ve building towards for the last few years, Last year, we had a sort of “changing of the guard,” where members like Harvey Livingstone and Sheldon Blenkhorn, guys who were in association from its beginning, had recruited enough of the next generation that they felt confident in taking a step back.”
Ed MacDonald, former owner of Maritime Auto Parts, and past President of ARAAC  is a long-time member of the association and the father of Andrew MacDonald, recently elected to the position of VP with ARAAC. Ed is currently serving a term as the President of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).
“I think there’s a certain degree of youthful energy that these two persons bring to the industry,” says Ed. “There’s a lot of outward thinking in the next generation that I know will help the industry grow.”
Rob Rainwater of Bishop’s Auto Parts in New York served as the keynote speaker, with “14 Golden Rules to Selling Recycled Auto Parts.” Rainwater discussed key sales strategies that broadly apply to any industry and what modifications are demanded by a focus on auto parts sales. 
Fletcher notes that the presentation was well-received by the attending members, as Rainwater focuses on practical, hands-on tips that can be put into place right away. 
“He provides a lot of tools for auto recyclers who want to increase their sales,” says Fletcher. “Even the tiniest tips are things that make you say ‘Yes, I should do that.’”
The next event for ARAAC will take place in June 2014 in Charlottetown, P.E.I. The host facility will be Island Auto Supply. We’ll make sure to keep you informed as more details become available. 
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