New App unlocks mobile access to Car-Parts database

By Andrew Ardizzi

 Car-Part’s new app gives you easy mobile access to the company’s comprenhensive parts database.  

Toronto, Ontario — December 18, 2013 — says their search engine is the easiest and fastest way to search the green parts market. The online parts marketplace is now looking to further add weight to its claim of being the simplest and most functional way to look for recycled parts with the release of its Car-Part Pro App for Apple’s lines of iPads and iPhones.

I spent some time using the App and found the interface to be extremely user-friendly. Once you load up the App on your device, you’ll see that you have the option to search Car-Part’s extensive database by either a VIN number or by year, model and make. The two options can be selected on the main page of the App by simply touching either tab, allowing you to switch back and forth between either search function with ease. Both options work quite well, but if you have your VIN number handy you can quickly enter it into the provided text box inside the App, or alternatively you can scan your vehicle’s VIN barcode using the App’s built-in scanning function. A informational help bubble is provided to guide you through the process, making VIN barcode scanning a snap.

The App’s other search option allows you to isolate specifics of a vehicle, allowing you to really open up the breadth of Car-Part’s database and choose what year, model and make of a car you want to look up parts for. All three options are easily selectable using one of three dropdown tabs. Scrolling through each, you can choose to search for any vehicle made between 2000 and 2014, and from seemingly endless lists of car manufacturers and models. All that’s left at this point is to choose the exact parts you’re looking for.

In addition to a basic search by year, model or make, the App’s users can also search for parts using their VIN number.  

So what do you say we test this out a little? Let’s say we wanted to look up parts for a 2010 Ford Focus. After entering the VIN number or car’s year, model and make, touch the “Select Parts” tab and a long list of possible car parts will appear. I chose to only look up alternators for the 2010 Focus, but the App offers the ability for users to look up multiple parts. When you’re ready, all you need to do is hit search and you’ll be taken directly from the App to’s database of alternators for the 2010 Focus. There I found a lengthy list of potential options, in addition to parts gradings, whether the recycler was offering a warranty, and in many cases what the cost would be. Most importantly, there’s an additional listing that displays your approximate distance from a recycler, an estimation based on your postal code that you would have already inputted while registering; registration, much like the App’s fluid functionality, is fairly painless. says their App will give users access to its database of 4,900 suppliers and over 1,000 certified recyclers who have their inventory listed. The website also says users will have access to real-time delivery and inventory information on over 150 million recycled, aftermarket and OE surplus parts.

Car-Part Pro, released in the Apple Store on Dec. 16, 2013, is a quick and easy App to use when you’re away from the computer. It brings the breadth of the website’s comprehensive database to the palms of your hands and makes finding whatever part you’re looking for a breeze.

To download the Car-Part Pro App for your Apple device, you can visit its product page on the Apple store by clicking here.

For more information on Car-Part’s online parts marketplace, please visit


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