Millions in Materials: FRAME shares video tour of Audi’s in-house recycling factory

Ingolstadt, Germany ⁠— Have you ever seen a luxury automaker dismantle its own vehicles for recycling? Here’s your chance⁠—there’s a brand-new video of Audi’s in-house recycling facility, courtesy of YouTube channel FRAMED.

End-of-line or out-of-date Audi models are involved in a process the automaker calls “Aluminum Closed Loop,” and centres around its practice to make its production process more sustainable before 2025. All interior components are removed in-house, and the car is stripped down to its chassis so it can be compressed and recycled as aluminum sheets.

The OEM also recycles its auto glass, which it melts to become new plate glass used for new car windows. Audi has said in the past that it plans to use recycled plate glass in the Q4 eTron.

Check out the automaker’s in-house dismantling and recycling operations in the video below.


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