Magnetizing Manufacturing: Cyclic Materials launches pilot plant for recycling magnet materials from electric motors

Kingston, Ontario — Cyclic Materials has recently launched a pilot plant in Kingston, Ont., aimed at recycling magnet materials from end-of-life products.

The pilot plant project is specifically employing Cyclic’s proprietary technology, Mag-Xtract, which separates rare earth elements in permanent magnets from end-of-life products and parts such as traction electric motors.

According to Cyclic Materials, initial results show that the pilot plant has processed several tonnes of the magnet feedstock per day and has the capacity to produce 1,000 kg/hour or 8,000 tonnes per year of material.

Since 2021, Cyclic Materials has been developing a two-step hub-and-spoke model recycling process for rare earth materials. The company aims to economically, sustainably and domestically turn end-of-life products and parts into valuable raw materials that can be reused in the supply chain of electric vehicles and other technologies such as wind turbines and smartphones.

Ahmad Ghahreman, co-founder and CEO of Cyclic Materials, said in an interview with Electric Autonomy that with the new pilot plant in operation, the next step will be to build out the company’s “first commercial iteration of this process” to be full-scale and operational by 2025.


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