Keeping Tabs: Sask. legislation aims to strengthen reporting requirements for scrap metal dealers

Regina, Saskatchewan – The government of Saskatchewan has introduced legislation with the aim of tightening up regulations surrounding scrap metal theft in the province.

The legislation includes an update to the Pawned Property Amendment Act and the requirements for reporting for scrap metal dealers.

The changes would require that dealers obtain and record the identification and transaction information of the client from whom they are purchasing scrap metal, as well as the imposition of further restrictions on cash transactions in the attempt to curb the anonymous sale of stolen scrap metal.

Theft of scrap metal, copper wiring and automotive parts has been on the rise nationwide over the last several years. However, the isolation of many rural residences in Saskatchewan makes the province an even more appealing home base for would-be thieves.

As well, changes to the Traffic Safety Act will give police the ability to press charges for numerous actions commonly associated with auto theft, such as falsifying documents for the sale or registration of a vehicle or altering a VIN. 

Currently, police have to investigate and charge someone under the Criminal Code. The proposed changes will give police the ability to issue a summary offence ticket without requiring Criminal Code proceedings.


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