In the Loop: Recycling associations take part in international forum

Toronto, Ontario ⁠⁠— In early July, vehicle recyclers from around the world took part in the third international vehicle recyclers forum to provide updates on their country’s current situation and recycling activity.

The virtual meeting, hosted by the Polish association FORS, also saw attendees from the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Finland, Nigeria, Italy and Canada.

Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) managing director Steve Fletcher represented the Great White North and detailed Canada’s phase three reopening stages and the current business climate.

Fletcher said any recyclers who shut their doors amid the pandemic have reopened. He estimates most are back to 80 to 85 percent capacity regarding labour, though the companies that created an online presence have seen greater success so far. He said members who did not choose this route are struggling to regain pre-pandemic retail levels.

Fletcher also told forum attendees that ARC is working on some big projects, including the electrification of the fleet and the implications for recyclers.

ARA executive director Sandy Blalock said the U.S. has a similar outlook to Canada when looking at EVs, adding that it will be key to be prepared for this eventuality.

For more information on ARC, click here.


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