ICE-d Out: Nissan to end ICE development in all markets but U.S.

Toronto, Ontario — Nissan and the internal combustion engine have officially parted ways, making the brand the first Japanese automaker to announce a full stop to the development of ICE technology in every market but the U.S.

Though the company has already ended gas engine sales in Europe, it will carry on the limited development of gas engines, mainly to serve the demand for pickup trucks like the Nissan Titan, in the U.S. market.

This announcement will not affect hybrid engines, however, which will continue to be developed by Nissan.

As deadlines for climate goals mandating the end of ICE sales rapidly approach, Nissan has determined that the cost to develop new ICE components would be unsustainable and is instead opting to refine existing technology while more and more drivers transition to electric options.

Worldwide, 67.5 million gas-engine passenger vehicles were sold last year, 15 times the number of EVs, according to British research firm LMC Automotive. But EV sales are on pace to reach 46.98 million in 2033, or 20 percent more than gasoline cars.

Nissan says that funding and personnel previously dedicated to ICE development will be redirected to focus on EVs.


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