Hollander releases expanded Hollander Interchange

Hollander releases expanded Hollander Interchange

Hollander releases expanded Hollander Interchange

Minneapolis, Minnesota — December 17, 2014

Hollander has announced the release of Hollander Interchange 80.04 and the inclusion of new fitment coverage for six additional part types. The Hollander Interchange is the automotive recycling industry’s database for identifying part fitment across vehicles and provides coverage for more than 160 active part types across more than 1,000 models.

The expansion of part types with fitment coverage included in the Hollander Interchange 80.04 will allow for increased parts selling for more vehicles. The new fitment for vehicles dating back to the 2000 model year were added based off customer demand.  The fitment for six part types – instead of the average annual addition of one – were added to the 80.04 edition to help recyclers get the most from their inventory. New fitment added to the Interchange includes:

·         Exterior door handles (129)

·         Rear bumper covers (187)

·         Front consoles (241)

·         Sun visors (268)

·         Suspension compressor pumps (522)

·         Engine fuse boxes (646)

In addition, part type 490, stub axle, rear, has been renamed rear knuckle/stub to provide clarity in the inventory process. Further, coverage for seventy-eight 2014 models and nine 2015 models are included, allowing clients to sell collision-related parts with confidence, and sell older parts to fit the most recent applications.

“Providing enhancements to the Interchange continues to be a priority for us,” says Dennis McCauley, Hollander Interchange Development Manager. “We recognize the important role the Interchange plays for our customers as the language of the industry. It was our very first product and we plan on maintaining its comprehensiveness in the future to meet recyclers’ needs.”

The Hollander Interchange is the cornerstone of Hollander’s 80-year brand. It enables auto recyclers to communicate in a standardized language in order to identify, inventory, market and sell recycled parts. Annually Hollander invests substantially in maintaining and enhancing Interchange. More than 3,000 automotive recyclers rely on Hollander products to manage their inventory, operations and sales. For more information please visit hollandersolutions.com.


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