Gloria Mann receives OARA President’s Award at 2014 convention

By Andrew Ardizzi

Toronto, Ontario — April 1, 2014 — Media Matters’ VP Industry Relations Gloria Mann has been named the 2014 Ontario Auto Recyclers Association (OARA) recepient of the President’s Award.

“This is wonderful,” Mann told OARA delegates upon receiving the award at the organization’s 2014 convention and trade show. “You know what you all mean to me, there’s no hiding it.”

The OARA President’s Award is given to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to automotive recycling and exceeds what’s expected of them.

Mann exudes that dedication, working tirelessly to promote the auto recycling industry and the work its members do every day to ensure the preservation of our natural environment, and OARA President Wally Dingman feels there couldn’t be anyone more perfect to fit the distinction.

“She has gone above and beyond expectations, and I think she’s done a fantastic job,” Dingman says. “She’s a kind soul, and to have someone with her ambition to promote auto recyclers is a rare occurrence for someone not in the industry.

“Gloria is one of a kind.”

Her dedication has led Dingman to consider her an honourary auto recycler, not only for her on-the-ground advocacy but for simply beginning as an outsider to the industry with no formal background, and becoming one of its staunchest supporters who understands who auto recyclers are, what their business is and what organizations like OARA hope to accomplish.

“She’s an ambassador for auto recycling, she’s a very positive person who represents our industry so well and has been able to catch our vision,” he says. “Gloria’s simply a positive role model, and at some events she’s more energized to be there than we are.”

That in a nutshell summarizes Mann in his eyes, someone who loves and breathes auto recycling, understands it and brings unending fresh air to a room.

“What strikes me when I think of her is her energy. She truly is a positive person and she brings a climate of excitement to the room,” says Dingman.

OARA Executive Director Steve Fletcher concurs, noting how she shines at all industry events and stands as a firm torchbearer for the auto recycling business.

“Gloria does so much for us, and she loves and understands what we’re trying to do and wants us to be recognized for what we’re doing,” Fletcher says. “Gloria really takes it to a personal level, puts in a ton of effort and goes above and beyond on our behalf.”

Recalling the moment Mann’s name was announced as the recipient, Fletcher remembers how the crowd stood up and gave her a standing ovation upon receiving the President’s Award. He feels this demonstrates that Mann’s efforts haven’t gone unoticed, and that every ounce of energy she puts forth into her work is appreciated ten-fold.

“We recognize who she is and what she’s done, and we definitely surprised her,” Fletcher says, recalling her immediate reaction. “She’s truly deserving of this.

Ever humble, Mann deflected the attention away from herself and pointed to the team behind at her at Media Matters that work alongside her to promote auto recyclers and their work.

“It isn’t just about me,” she says. “It’s about the team behind me, and all of the recyclers working so hard every day make our world a little bit cleaner.”


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