Get Connected Today: International Roundtable on Automotive Recycling to meet for virtual webinar

Toronto, Ontario — The International Roundtable on Automotive Recycling’s (IRC) first online meeting is scheduled for today, February 15, at 10 am EST.

While the meeting was originally scheduled to be in person, the global pandemic has limited travel options for some attendees. However, Steve Fletcher notes that “the very intent of the IRT—to collaborate globally with like-minded professional auto recyclers—meant that online pandemic business tools became a vital solution.”

This first online meeting will be hosted by Steve Fletcher and Hadyn Davies, and will serve as a platform to update members on the prevailing trends in auto recycling.

The meeting “offers a prime opportunity to delve into the future of the IRT,” Fletcher further noted.

All existing and new members are strongly encouraged to participate in the meeting with the goal of helping to contribute to shaping the future trajectory of the IRT and to share information regarding auto recycling in the 21st-century.

“Haydn and I also have been busy re-working the IRT website. If you haven’t had time to check that out, please do. It has lots of great new information and places to update your content for the rest of the global auto recycling community,” Fletcher said.

The International Roundtable on Automotive Recycling (IRT) serves as a nexus, uniting major international automotive recycling associations, industry authorities, guest speakers, and local auto recyclers. Its primary focus is to engage in discussions about the global auto recycling industry.

The Agenda for the morning meeting is as follows below:

  • Introductions – Steve Fletcher and Haydn Davies, , editor of Auto Recycling World
  • Country Reports – 5 minutes per country with a brief overview of the association/network Update on the IRT website purpose and function
  • Future goals and activities of the IRT
  • Next IRT virtual meeting(s)

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