Fluid Faux Pas: St. Catharines metal recycler fined $27,000 for misleading documentation

St. Catharines, Ontario — A St. Catharines, Ont.-based metal recycling facility has come into the crosshairs of the province’s environmental regulator and is now facing more than $30,000 in penalties, according to a late-April news release.

Glendale Metal Company, a division of Marine Recycling Corporation, is currently contending with a $27,000 fine, in addition to a victim fine surcharge of $6,750, for a violation of Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act.

Inspectors from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks were on-site at a metal recycling plant in Hamilton on Sept. 2, 2021 when they observed antifreeze, engine oil, and hydraulic fluid spilling from two semi-trucks that were being loaded into shredding stockpiles.

Upon review of relevant documents, the inspectors were able to determine that the trucks had come from Glendale Metal Company, but were reported as no longer containing any fluids.

From there, the investigation launched on the part of the Environmental Investigations and Enforcement Branch was able to produce sufficient evidence to convict the company on the grounds of “including false or misleading information in any document, namely an end-of-life vehicle certification, which is required to be created, stored, or submitted.”

The conviction was officially finalized on Jan. 13 in Welland, Ont. court. Marine Recycling Corporation now has 12 months from that date to pay the fine on behalf of Glendale Metal Company.


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  1. Wayne Elliott here. My family started Glendale Auto Parts a few years ago. I don’t know where all the verbal dissentry came from in this news report or the stupid uninformed comments, but here’s the facts. Glendale Metal shipped a load of cars and trucks to Hamilton that included a truck that had one hydraulic hose not properly drained, which caused approximately 10-12 ounces of hydraulic fluid to be spilled on the ground. After much hullabaloo we were fined the minimum $3500. There was no fraud, forgery or any other crime some baffoons have eluded to, none. Is this a recycling group or an old ladies bridge/ gossip club? Glad to be out of the auto parts business. We closed because despite building a business in less than four years, there was little profit in it. We do of course handle more tons of cars and shred than any auto recycler in Ontario and unfortunately our crew made an error. Otherwise be careful with the lies and gossip. Slander is for pussies. Call me direct if you have something to say and the author of this article must be a real beauty with all this incorrect statements.

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