Final Push to the Starting Line: New Your Data. Your Choice petition to put data debate before the House, petition closes July 10

Ottawa, Ontario — The Automotive Industry Association of Canada is calling on the public for one last push to get the “Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.” campaign through the doors of the House of Commons.

AIA Canada president Jean-Francois Champagne announced on Tuesday that the association is in need of 500 signatures on a new petition (petition e-3320) that will formally put the campaign before the House.

“Now that the House of Commons is debating Bill C-11, we have members of parliament who are supporting our campaign and want our petition signatures to be formally received by the government. This is a different type of petition with a different but equally important step. By taking a few minutes to sign the House of Commons petition, you can help elevate this issue to parliament hill and ensure that consumer control and consent of their data are at the core of the federal government’s data privacy and protection agenda,” read part of Champagne’s announcement.

The announcement also pointed out that this campaign from AIA has already garnered the support of nearly 26,000 Canadians and climbing, as well as securing endorsement from more than 60 industry “champions”–one of them being the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC).

Petition e-3320 is set to close on July 10 at 10:03 a.m. EST–sign here.


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