Family Plan: Chu family buys, redesigns four recycling facilities

Ontario’s auto recycling industry has been given a massive makeover thanks to its new owners, the Chu family. The family recently purchased and redesigned four auto recycling plants in the southern region of the province.

Announced less than two weeks ago, Wenxing Chu and his family have already begun the redesign and expansion of Trenton Salvage, turning the facility into a more environmentally place for clients to recycle their vehicles and creating job opportunities for more than 50 local residents.

“They were just ordinary wrecking yards and the Chu family felt they would like to do something completely different,” stated Arnold MacLaughlin, a leading consultant for Chu’s latest project. “That kind of spurred us to where we are today.”

The other facilities that the Chu family has taken on in the past four months have been Sidney Auto Wreckers, Trenton Salvage and Picton Iron and Metal. According to MacLaughlin, the newest site, Trenton Salvage will be “the most modern metal recycling site between Hamilton and Montreal.”

MacLaughlan mentioned Trenton will feature two facilities that will stow the latest technology in vehicle and metal processing. It aims to recycle the materials in an environment-friendly method, before removing them to an off-site disposal centre.

Not only are locals excited for the new facility, but the Chu family says they feel very grateful to be welcomed into the community to kick off business and positively impact Ontario’s auto recycling industry.

“We welcome all of you and we deeply care about our neighbours and the community and that’s why we have devoted so much into fixing up the site,” Wenxing Chu told the crowd at the groundbreaking ceremony through an interpreter. “We are hoping to assimilate into the Quinte West community and make it a better place.”

The facilities reconstruction is well underway and is expected to be completed in the new year.



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