Driving donations for the Sunshine Foundation

The team at P&G Auto Parts is helping brighten-up the lives of children with a donation to the Sunshine Foundation.

With a little help from the Ontario Electronics Stewardship, the North Bay recycling facility hoarding a collection of donated old electronics, the proceeds from the drive will be going to the children’s charity.

“I had to do something to get some money for the kids.” P&G’s Darrell Pitman told Bay Today. “I was talking to Ontario Electronics Stewardship and they got on board and we started it up.”

Ontario Electronics Stewardship is a not-for-profit organization that works to keep old electronics out of landfills and harvest raw materials in the disposed electronics.

The partnership made sense since P&G’s mission is recycling car parts to make other’s cars “running smoothly again,” according to their website.

In the past, P&G has also partnered with Ontario Auto Recyclers Association Tire Take Back program to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation.

“The tire collection is more Ontario wide,” said Pitman. “This is just us for now, trying something different. Hopefully, more electronics come in.”

P&G Auto Parts will keep its collection of old electronics open until Friday, May 31. It is collecting old televisions, desktop computers, telephones, speakers, projectors, laptops, printers, and any other small electronics.

Pitman believes donating old electronics to a good cause is better than trying to restore them.

“By the time you try and fix some of the older [electronics], you’ve got more money into it than it would cost you to buy a new one,” Pitman said.

The team has already shipped one full container of donated electronics and has filled three-quarters of a second one.

For more information on the electronics collection, contact the P&G Pitman team at 1-705-472-6527.


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