Converter Connections: URG integrates with UCC’s United Ecosystem BidTool

Texas, United States ⁠— United Recyclers Group (URG) has integrated United Catalyst Corporation’s (UCC) United Ecosystem BidTool to the website, URG announced in a June 3 email blast.

“URG is open to working with all converter companies and, to start, we have integrated UCC’s United Ecosystem BidTool into the website,” wrote the company in its announcement. 

The integration means URG users will have access to the BidTool under the menu option catalytic converters at

UCC has been a precious metals processor for 33 years. They specialize in recycling critical minerals and precious metals from end-of-life automobiles (namely, catalytic converters and electronic control modules) and strive to create solutions that generate greater profits for the companies that work with them.

The United Ecosystem BidTool created by UCC gives automotive and scrap metal recyclers the number and value of each catalytic converter on an end-of-life vehicle by using the VIN or year, make, model, and engine.

“Note that this is not an endorsement of UCC; URG is simply making it easier for [recyclers] to access the companies you work with,” URG stated.

URG also said users should “look out for HotKey features coming soon, that will make it even easier!”


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