Conquest Solutions launches SmartCycle analytics tool

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Buffalo, Wyoming — February 10, 2016 — Conquest Solutions, a corporation owned and managed by auto recyclers, has announced the launch of its SmartCycle complete business analytics tool. Current business management systems provide recyclers with a vast amount of data and information. However, the amount of time and resources required to sort through and analyze the data can be significant and costly.

According to the company, the new SmartCycle analytics tool provides auto recyclers with the power to harness, organize, and analyze data from a variety of sources. The platform identifies and displays key factors using easy-to-understand, customizable graphics giving the user the tools and information needed to identify areas of strength and weakness. The user can then quickly and easily build personalized, predictive models in order to determine the most effective business strategies for immediate implementation. SmartCycle uses a dynamic platform that leverages data from multiple sources, including all yard management systems, QuickBooks, various phone and voice-over IP systems, GPS tracking systems, and social media.

SmartCycle can sync data from virtually any digital source. Conquest Solutions says SmartCycle is easy to operate, with drag-and-drop features and full drill-down and filtering capabilities. The developers of SmartCycle understand how vital the collaborative process is and embedded features which allow multiple users to view, manage, discuss, and share data sets within the platform. Thus, collaboration can take place immediately, in real-time, increasing the productivity and understanding of all team members.

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