‘Closing the recycling loop’ on the slate for IARC 2014

Brussels, Belgium — January 15, 2013 — New cars and new recycling technologies and an examination of how car manufacturers and auto recyclers can close the recycling loop are two of the topics slated for discussion at the upcoming International Automobile Recycling Congress (IARC). IARC 2014 takes place March 19 to 24 at Hotel Dolce la Hulpe Brussels in Brussels, Belgium.

Representatives from industry and the academic world will present various views on the latest developments relating to end-of-life vehicles and the challenges associated with processing them. IARC 2014 promises to bring together the various links the recycling chain, including the OEM, scrap metal and plastic concerns, auto recyclers, shredder operators and members of government. 
A large exhibition area is integrated into the conference facilities, where vendors can meet with their clients. Cocktail receptions and a dinner add networking opportunities to an already robust conference schedule. 
Sessions will focus on:
• How do car manufacturers and the industry close the recycling loop?
• New cars and new recycling technologies
• Best available recycling technologies
• European ELV Directive towards 2015
• E-mobility – Influence on car recycling and dismantling
• Reports about illegal export of wrecks
• Rare earth recycling – what does it mean for the car industry
• Sustainability benefits of car recycling
• Effect of durable raw materials low prices on ELV recycling
• Tyre recycling
• Economic impact of the reduced availability of car bodies for shredder companies
• Implementing new laws and regulations
For more information on IARC 2014, please visit icm.ch. Bookings at the host hotel can be arranged through dolcelahulpe.com.

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