Circular Solutions: BMW designs 100 percent recyclable ‘Vision Circular’ concept vehicle

Toronto, Ontario — BMW revealed its vision for a sustainable future on Monday, unveiling the fully-recyclable Vision Circular concept vehicle, made entirely from reusable materials.

When BMW says that everything in this car is both recycled and eventually recyclable, they mean everything, as the company boasts that the battery driving the concept vehicle “is 100% recyclable and manufactured almost entirely using materials sourced from the recycling loop.”

As well, the design of the vehicle intentionally “avoids bonded connections or composite materials and uses intelligent types of connection, such as cords, press studs and quick-release fasteners”, with many parts requiring a single tool to detach them.

The car in general looks like a strange cyberpunk dream, featuring no actual paint on the car’s body, but instead leaning into the natural gold anodized recycled aluminum finish, with a bluish-purple rear “created by the heat treatment process used for the steel.”

Even the tires are made from a “sustainably cultivated” natural rubber and the BMW logo on the car’s hood is actually laser-engraved on, showing that the automaker is trying to cut extra materials at every corner.

To top it all off, BMW even commissioned legendary composer Hans Zimmer to create a unique soundtrack for the Vision Circular that “captures the movements of the exterior structures, the interior areas, the materials, the lights and the visual animations,” according to BMW.



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