Challenging Change: URG’s Educational Conference sees 600+ attendees

Dallas, Texas — If there’s one constant the automotive recycling industry can count on for the future, it is continuous change–and the United Recyclers Group (URG) supported that sentiment at its recent URG Educational Conference, held August 5 through 7 in Dallas, Texas.

With more than 600 people in attendance, this year’s URG Educational Conference sessions were carefully selected with the goal of helping attendees develop key attributes to take advantage of today’s market and challenging business market.

“Change forces individuals to grow and develop, or risk failure,” said URG. “Change can cause us to reinvigorate our business, providing us with the opportunity to grow and serve an expanded customer base. Yet as much as we appreciate the growth, knowledge, and opportunity change affords, it can still be challenging and scary.

“We understand that there will never be a new normal; change will be a constant in the future.”

The event’s keynote speakers included the ‘Marvelless’ Mark Kamp, engagement guru, author, entrepreneur and Las Vegas headliner; as well as inspirational speaker and author Inky Johnson, as well as countless recycling industry representative speakers, including, but not limited to: Kristen Alexander of URG, Mark Allen of Audi, Theresa Colbert of, Chad Counselman of Auto PARTnered Solutions, Mike Kunkel and Lee Worman of Profit Team Consulting.

URG’s next Educational Conference will be held April 7 through 9, 2022 at New Orleans Hyatt Regency.

Our URG staff is here to assist you and your team. We hope we can provide the business tools and solutions you need to help streamline your operation, create efficiencies, reduce administrative costs and ensure the continued growth and prosperity of your business,” said the company. “We want to again thank all of our sponsors for helping make this year’s event possible. You are a special part of the URG family!”

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