Welcome to another issue celebrating this great industry

Last year, 2023, was a year of change for the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC). Firstly, we had four new members join the board: Joel Bouckaert from Alberta; Derek Nissen from Ontario; Stephane Gravel from Quebec and Andrew MacDonald from Atlantic Canada.

This changing of the guard has led to a younger board, but no less interested and involved in helping shape the future of the auto recycling industry in Canada.

We renewed our regular board—executive calls with the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) in the United States, and these quarterly calls allow us to share deep information and keep abreast of the mutual challenges and opportunities we face on either side of the border.

Many of the emerging issues we do discuss revolve around electrification. There are so many things going on in that area that it is hard to keep up, but both ARA and ARC have had a multitude of conversations, meetings, and exchanges with stakeholders up and down the supply chain. The challenges for our industry are there, but so are the opportunities that we are trying to create.

Steve Fletcher, our long serving managing director has taken on an informal secretary role with the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT). While ARC has always hosted the IRT website (www.irt-autorecycling.

org), the website has been dramatically updated, and a series of virtual IRTs are planned throughout 2024, leading to an in-person event in Liverpool in 2025. Direct involvement in the IRT has kept ARC at the forefront of many international initiatives and ideas that have benefited ARC and its members. In somewhat sad news that we are trying to delay, Mr. Fletcher has announced his plans to retire from the auto recycling industry. No dates are set, but we are in discussions as a Board and with the Ontario Auto Recyclers Association (as we share Steve’s expertise with OARA) regarding Steve’s departure and an effective succession strategy.

While Steve has been a tremendous asset to the industry over the years, we need to be in a place where he won’t be the main go-to guy for our industry, but he is working towards an effective transfer of power, and has pledged to be there for the industry as required.

I will once again be attending the 2024 OARA Convention & Trade Show in March in Markham Ontario. This event, which I believe stacks up against any auto recycling event in North America, is of great value and a delight to attend. Auto recyclers from across Canada—and at least one from the Yukon territory! We will be there—you should plan to attend.

ARC continues to be the voice of the Canadian auto recycling industry, and through programs like CAREC, Retire Your Ride and Car Heaven, along with discounts from IAA, Copart and Freightcom—it provides value for the Direct Members of the seven provincial/regional associations it represents. But I think the best benefit that ARC provides is the strong and consistent industry representation that it provides. Happy and profitable recycling!


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