CCC acquires Actual Systems of America, Pinnacle Professional

Chicago, Illinois — December 15, 2014 — CCC Information Services (CCC) has acquired Actual Systems of America (ASA) and all its assets.

The acquisition—which took effect December 10—includes interest in the Pinnacle software solutions, delivering a powerful system for yard management, repair management and parts eCommerce, which helps create better cohesion between recyclers, repairers and insurers.

Pinnacle Professional is an automotive recycling yard management solution system that is built for auto recyclers, by auto recyclers.

CCC says the acquisition will help integrate the company’s ONE platform, its TRUE Parts Network and the Pinnacle Professional Solution and aim to provide the collision repair industry with greater efficiency and productivity when buying, selling and managing recycled parts. The company also says the integration will help recyclers to quickly show, quote and sell their inventory directly inside its ONE platform. Current processes for data transfer and parts procurement are manual and lack integration, which can negatively impact cycle time, data accuracy and overall cost. The acquisition creates a single place for recyclers, repairers and insurers to interact, transact and proactively manage the recycled parts process.

ASA and CCC have been working together for several months to integrate Pinnacle Professional with CCC’s platforms for general deployment to help recyclers seamlessly display up-to-the-minute inventory, customized pricing, delivery times, and part grades to tens of thousands of repairers and insurers. It will also provide buyers and sellers of recycled parts with eCommerce capabilities, such as online parts shopping and electronic invoicing, resulting in decreased phone calls and the elimination of redundant data entry.

The company says existing Pinnacle Professional solution customers can expect to continue to receive strong customer service, which will be complemented CCC’s customer support resources. CCC also plans to develop Pinnacle Professional further based on customer needs, as well as the needs of the recycling industry.

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