Calling All Car Recyclers: Submit your suggestions for the 2024 issue of Canadian Auto Recyclers

Toronto, Ontario — Attention automotive recyclers! We’re excited to announce that Canadian Auto Recyclers is already working on our 2024 issue, and we need your help to make it extraordinary. We’re reaching out to our valued readers to share your unique perspectives, experiences, and insights.

Have you implemented a groundbreaking recycling process? Are you passionate about environmental sustainability? Have you overcome significant industry challenges? We want to hear from you! Your story ideas can captivate and educate automotive recyclers across Canada.

The deadline for submissions is approaching, and our 2024 issue will be in your hands soon. Shape the narrative of Canadian Auto Recyclers and contribute to our industry’s growth and success.

Have a stellar story idea or a hunch you want us to look at? Share your suggestions below.


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