Burning Rubber: Dunnville-based TreadCraft Limited plans to open tire recycling plant in the U.S.

A Dunnville, Ontario based recycling concern has partnered with Swedish tire pyrolysis technology firm Scandinavia Enviro Systems AB (Enviro) to build a recycling facility in New York state.

After signing a memorandum of understanding in early July, TreadCraft Carbon, a subsidiary of TreadCraft, has signed a term sheet with Enviro outlining key parts of an agreement to build a new tire recycling facility in Buffalo, NY. The agreement involves a plant worth between $28 million and $33 million and plans to recycle a minimum of 30,000 tonnes of scrapped tires annually.

The two companies are expected to finalize the deal by the end of 2019. Sites in Buffalo, Jamestown and Niagara Falls are being considered, but other locations outside of New York are also under consideration.

Founded in 2007, TreadCraft recycles medium truck tires into crumb rubber and scrap steel material. Enviro was founded in 2001 and uses patented pyrolysis technology to recycle end of life tires. The recovered carbon black is used to make rubber and plastic components for the automotive and related industries.

“TreadCraft is pleased to partner with Scandinavian Enviro Systems of Sweden and their process to produce valuable recycled carbon black for industry from this waste tire material,” stated Terry Gilmore, president of TreadCraft., in a press release. “TreadCraft is working closely with large industrial companies, in several sectors, to introduce the economic and environmental benefits of recycled carbon black produced by the Scandinavian Enviro Systems’ process.”

Enviro stated that the project has “great support” from both the state and regional officials. The new recycling plant will be Enviro’s first endeavour outside of Sweden and TreadCraft’s first in the United States. If all goes smoothly, construction on the project could begin early next year.


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